We are a Stockholm based consultant company that provide design services for digital ASIC and FPGA based designs. This includes architecture drafts, specification, RTL design, verification, and documentation.

What we do

We offer consultant services for longer or shorter projects. The work can be performed at the customer’s site, from our own office, or a combination of the two. Our services include:

  • Architecture and Design definition
    • Pre-study
    • Modelling (Matlab, Excel, scripting…)
  • Design
    • RTL coding in VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog
    • Transfer of behavioral models to functional design
    • Code generation from higher level tools
  • Logical verification
    • Test bench development
    • OVM/UVM environments
    • Regression suites
    • Coverage
  • Physical verification
    • Static Timing Analysis (script development and result analysis)
    • Equivalence checks
  • Documentation
    • E.g. design description, verification plans


Max: max@bjurlinglogic.se (ASIC/FPGA designer)
Mia:  mia@bjurlinglogic.se (administration, web)