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3000 R&D jobs in Sweden in 2016

fou-ligan-tabell-1200-ny-teknikSwedish tech magazine Ny Teknik recently published their yearly list of planned recruitments from the largest R&D companies in Sweden. In total they have nearly 3000 recruitments planned. This does not include the two largest companies Ericsson and Volvo Cars (they did not give any numbers for 2016).

Noticeable is eye-tracking company Tobii, who is planning to increase its current workforce of 130 people with another 50 during 2016.

The article is in swedish, but the list of companies has number of R&D employees in the first column and number of planned recruitments in the second (rightmost) column.

Ericsson and TeliaSonera launches 5G in 2018

Ericsson and TeliaSonera announced that they will test 5G technology in Stockholm, Sweden and Tallinn, Estonia in 2018.

The two companies are vague about exactly what services will be rolled out in the test. This is understandable since the 5G standard is not set yet, and this test is for sure part of defining that standard. But whatever the test includes it will take a lot of engineering efforts to make it happen. Being a digital designer based in the hometown of Ericsson of course I find this highly interesting!

Ericsson has a nice media kit available here with lots of information about 5G.

Earlier both Huawei and Ericsson have announced that they will test 5G technology during the 2018 football world cup in Russia. This is a tougher deadline time-wise; the football world cup will not be postponed. But covering two entire cities with 5G will require a more mature technology.

Ny Teknik and Google blog about gender equality, too!


Geek Girl Meetup, one of the gender equality champions on GETBlog’s list.

Swedish tech news site Ny Teknik is starting a blog about gender equality in technology. The blog, which has chosen the somewhat unfortunate hashtag #GETBlog, is written by Alice Marshall and is sponsored by Google. According to Google their dream scenario is to copy this initiative to other countries.

The first blog post is a list of the “gender equality champions” in Sweden.

Is this already another sign of change in the industry, like the certifications I wrote about in my previous post? At least I hope that the blog will give me more news and tips about interesting initiatives and people.

You can find the #GETBlog at

Small steps toward gender equality

I was happy to see that Mycronic got the EDGE (Economic Dividends for Gender Equality) certification recently. Earlier last year Tieto got the same certification.

The uneven gender balance in the electronics industry is a waste of resources and one of many signs that the industry is locked in an old fashioned way of working. If we want to have an even gender balance among electronic engineers equal economic terms is a must. I hope that these types of certifications become industry standard in the future much like the ISO standards for quality control and environmental management.

Read more about the EDGE certification here.

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